wants&needs dance (Piss in the Pool, Short & Sweet)
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Andrew Tay and Sasha Keinplatz’s mission is to provide original platforms for dance artists to show their work outside of the confines of the traditional theatre context. To challenge the choreographic process by providing guidelines for creation that compel choreographers to examine their artistic practice. To diversify and broaden the audience for contemporary dance by creating shows which are engaging and unpretentious. To create links between Montreal choreographers and bridge the gaps of language, experience, and dance aesthetics.

Diffusion: With a goal of diversifying the audience for contemporary dance, the company has become known for their unique productions that take place in non-traditional dance spaces.  Short & Sweet is an underground dance series happening a few times per year. Experienced and emerging choreographers create a concise idea in piece of three minutes or less, in just two weeks.

Contact : info@wantsandneeds.ca, www.wantsandneeds.ca