Studio Bizz
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Studio Bizz offers 10 studios for rent in Montreal with two locations in the heart of the city thus fulfilling the growing need for work spaces that are inspiring and versatile. Studio Bizz is a key place for teaching, creating and production of performing arts.

Residencies: Support for creation for artists and companies to give access to low price studios (between $ 8.5 and $ 11.5 hour). This program is open to independent artists and collectives of all ages, as well as non-profit organizations involved in dance, theater, singing and circus creations fields. The access to this residency program is very open.[Call for submission : At any time.

Services: Teachers at Studio Bizz Mont-Royal and Studio Bizz Iberville offer a variety of dance classes and other activites that you won’t find anywhere else in Montreal. Click directly on each class for more details. More than 100 courses are offered per week.

Ideal for live performances in dance, theater, circus, singing and stand-up comedy, this hybrid studio can now adapt to all types of projects. Without derogating from its original mandate to provide rehearsal and teaching rooms, Studio Bizz now offers a full range of services from creation to representation. A variable geometric shaped space.
- Prices: $350 + taxes + technicians
- Dimensions of the space: 35′ deep by 60′ wide.
- Ceiling height: 12′
- Seating capacity: 70 to 100 people
- Flooring: Flooring is made of 100% soundproof hardwood covered with a permanent ”Marley” type dance mat.

Contact: Studio Bizz Mont-Royal: 551 Mount-Royal Avenue Est, 3rd floor, Montreal, H2J 1W6, (514) 526-2499 // Studio Bizz Iberville: 2488 Mount-Royal Avenue Est, Montreal, H2H 1L3, (514) 526-2499,,