OFF.T.A. Festival
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The OFFTA is an artistic event created by Montreal artists on the edge of the Festival TransAmériques. Since 2007, the OFFTA offers a multidisciplinary program centered on contemporary creation and the encounter of various art forms. The OFFTA bases its identity on an art direction encouraging strong and singular approaches, emerging practices and experimentation. The OFFTA is not only a showcase of the vitality and creativity of the artistic community, but also a platform for exchanges between artists from different disciplines and horizons. As such, the OFFTA aspires to decompartmentalize contemporary artistic practices along with their respective audiences.

Residencies : Among the submissions, a limited number of projects will be selected for a residency, which includes a public presentation and feedback session.

Diffusion : Participants produce their own show with the professional support of the festival’s team. A honorarium and/or ticket sales revenue sharing is offered to the artist, depending on the show. The call for proposals for OFFTA 2018 is currently closed: the call for OFFTA 2019 will be launched in June 2018 (deadline: October 2018)

Contact: 11182 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC, H2X 2S5,,,