Monument National
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Inaugurated in 1893, this heritage building now belongs to the National Theatre Scool, and includes three houses of different capacities (included technical equipment) and several related rooms.

Auto-production : Each venue can be rent.  The renting fees are available on request.

  • Ludger-Duvernay Theatre: proscenium theatre, seating capacity of 804 people (parterre: 347; mezzanine: 158; balcon: 299)
  • Studio Hydro-Québec: studio with variable configuration (black box), seating capacity of 125 to 180 people.
  • La Balustrade: Pocket theatre in a cabaret set-up, seating capacity of 55 people.
  • Le café: a theatre with variable configuration from 100 seats to 180 standing people.

Contact: 1182 St-Laurent, Montréal, H2X 2S5, (514) 871-9883,,