La Chapelle
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La Chapelle is a multidisciplinary presenter of contemporary performance work. They support artistic creation through collaborations, diffusions and selected independent productions (rentals), which benefit from promotional support via their annual programme.

Résidences : Offers residencies to artists scheduled in the regular programming (these are mainly technical residencies when it precedes broadcasting or creative residences during the summer).

Services : La Chapelle offers technical supervision as part of the residency as well as support for set-up and tear-down for companies programmed in diffusion. As part of a rental residence, the team must provide its own technical staff.

Auto-production :

  • Prices : $3600 per week for a rental residency. Residences can also sometimes be offered to artists, prior to the broadcast of their show at La Chapelle.
  • Stage dimensions: 36’3’’ width x 31’ depth x 17’11’’ grid height
  • Seating capacity: 116 seats (raked)
  • Floor surface: wood covered in masonite, dance floor.
  • Other: dressing room, shower,  reservation phone, box office, bar-café

Contact: 3700 St-Dominique, Montréal, H2X 2X7, (514) 987-1639,,