Eastern Bloc
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Since 2007, Eastern Bloc has been at the forefront of digital art dissemination, promotion and production in Quebec. The vision at Eastern Bloc is to explore and push the creative boundaries situated at the intersection of art, technology, and science, as well as all other emerging digital practices. The gallery can be rented for private creation or public events.


Residencies: offers two residencies per year (from November to April). Eastern Bloc’s residency program is an opportunity for artists and audiences to critically engage in the artistic process, with a focus on DIY and open source culture as well as the political discourse surrounding contemporary digital culture, with a special consideration for pedagogy and technological democratization. [Via call for submissions].

Services: offers 10 workshops per year, access to a lab with equipment and machine, conferences, meet-ups around sound arts.

Presenting: offers events (Tombola, Nuit blanche, Ibrida Pluri, Dj-Q, Akousma, etc.), performances, exhibitions, interventions all year long. In addition, Sight & Sound Festival seeks out the best and most provocative and outstanding work of digital art currently being made by international and local emerging artists.

Rental and auto-production:

  • Prices: $360+per night
  • Stage Dimensions  : 3,500 s.f. (main space)
  • Capacity: 120 seated persons (200 standing)
  • Floor: unfinished hardwood floors.
  • Other: audiovisual equipement, kitchen and bar
  • Accessibility: stairs, freight elevator by a loading dock

Contact: 7240 Clark,Montréal, H2R 2Y3, (514) 284-2106, info@easternbloc.ca, easternbloc.ca