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This artist-run centre is devoted to experimentation, risk and critical inquiry. DARE-DARE presents artists who create site-specific work in a variety of public spaces.


Residencies: The border between residence and production is thin at DARE-DARE, the center adapting to each selected project, which can vary from a few days to a year. We also have a writing residency on outdoor light box at the entrance of the center.

Services: Residency, dissemination, assistance to artists, documentation center (Halte), events, day camps, reading circles, communications

Presenting: DIS / LOCATION is a project of urban articulation that multiplies diffusions of artistic interventions in the public space under the ideas of stealth, invisibility, dissemination and exploration of marginalized contexts. [Call for submissions: January]

Contact: DARE-DARE is located in the triangle formed by Atwater, Green and Doré, (514) 849-3273, info@dare-dare.org, dare-dare.org/en/