3.6 Closing Night

After the final night of your show, the work is not over. You owe it to yourself and your cast and crew to celebrate with a closing night party, of course. Before the celebrations begin, take care of the strike and properly clean out the theatre and dressing rooms. Store costumes and props, putting them away neatly and labelled to facilitate future use. Pay all outstanding accounts to ensure that you are in good standing with the theatre and your collaborators.

Hold a post-mortem meeting with your cast and crew before too much time has lapsed. This gives you a chance to highlight what worked and what did not, and allows everyone to voice their experiences of the process in hindsight. Take good notes and apply what you learn to future creative endeavours.

Once the show is over, chances are you will feel empty and perhaps slightly down. There is so much build-up, work and hype leading up to and during the performances, that once it is all over, you may wonder “what’s next?”. Remember that all your hard work led to a unique piece of choreography, a cultural creation that is now complete and may have another life in the future. There may be presenters who will be interested in it, or you may decide to apply to festivals or create other opportunities to show the work in the future… or you may simply start choreographing your next piece!

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