3.1 Options

Once you decide to create a dance piece for public viewing, you need to determine how and where to show your work. There are several options available to emerging artists in Montréal, falling into three general categories: presenting, co-presenting, or self-presenting.

A presenter selects the artists and/or work he or she wishes to program and pays a fixed fee. The presenter is responsible for costs related to presenting (such as promotion, venue rental and technical support) and assumes the financial risk of low attendance. A presenter is not to be confused with a producer, who finances creation costs.

Co-presentation entails that presentation costs, risks and revenues are shared between the artist and the co-presenting venue according to a contract negotiated between both parties. Many local theatres co-present work, including Théâtre La Chapelle, MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and Infinitheatre. Most co-presentations have a selection or ‘curatorial’ process. The Montréal Fringe Festival and Journées de la culture can also be considered co-presenters as they offer an organized framework for showing work with minimal support, but without the curatorial element.

Most artists self-present at some point in their careers, assuming the entire financial burden of creation and presentation, with no financial security and limited infrastructure. Most theatres in the city can be rented for this purpose. A financially viable option for first works without large budgets is to present informally at an alternative space. The following two sections describe different approaches for finding a presenter and self-presenting. Finding a co-presenter requires a combination of the two approaches.

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