5 Training / Rehearsal

Montréal is host to two university dance programs, as well as many other professional training programs. The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) offers a PhD, a master’s degree, a somatic education diploma, as well as two streams at the bachelor level, teaching and interpretation, with a focus on creation if desired. Concordia University’s bachelor program emphasizes creative process and choreography. For non-university intensive training, the following schools have well reputed training programs: for contemporary dance there is the École de danse contemporaine de Montreal (EDCMTL), and for ballet there are Ballet Divertimento and the École supérieure de ballet contemporain de Montréal. Each offers a college diploma (DEC or AEC) and/or high school study programs. Collège Montmorency, CEGEP St-Laurent and Collège de Maisonneuve offer a two-year DEC specializing in dance, and Compagnie Nyata Nyata now offers a two-year professional training program in African dance and drumming.

Once you are out of the academic realm and in the work force, you can choose amongst several dance spaces in the city that regularly offer dance training and workshops. The RQD organizes a thirty-week session of morning contemporary dance classes taught by a variety of both local and non-local professionals. Circuit-Est and Studio 303, amongst others, offer a range of classes spanning hula hoop, creative process, and contact improvisation. Technique classes are found in private centers such as Divertimento or L’Espace du Mouvement. Perfmax is a workout program specifically tailored for athletes, including dancers, and is accessible year-round in Montréal and Laval. As well as providing a technical challenge and training, professional classes and workshops are a forum for dance artists to forge bonds, share information, and be seen by choreographers.

There are also opportunities to hone your choreographic talents with the help of mentoring through participation in Montréal Danse’s yearly choreographic workshop, Circuit-Est’s choreographic mentorship program, or RQD and Studio 303’s periodic creation workshops for emerging choreographers.

Dance training during the summer months is less consistent, but there are still some options. The summer intensive programs of TransFormation Danse and the EDCMTL take place annually, while other companies and choreographers offer summer intensives more occasionally such as Frédérick Gravel, Kelly Keenan and Lorganisme. Since 2014, the collective Nous Sommes L’Été offers classes, workshops, and space for research and creation during the summertime. And finally, there are always drop-in ballet classes at Studio Bizz, as well as yoga, Pilates and sport centers across the city.

There are a number of studio rental locations in the city, and many schools, presenters, institutions (Conseil des arts de Montréal), companies and independent choreographers have a space to rent, usually by the hour. Listings for private studios with rentals can be found on studio bulletin boards and on the RQD website. There is also the possibility to rent a loft on a monthly basis, however rent is costly unless shared with other artists and this can present a hefty administrative burden.

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  1. jb

    C’est génial tout ça. Il serait également pertinent d’informer sur les formations disponible dès l’enfance.. là où tout commence ;)