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Various performing arts trade fairs exist where presenters come together to shop for shows. Dance artists and companies must be selected, and pay either for a kiosk or the opportunity to showcase during the event. Parcours Danse, which takes place every year in November, is also a flagship event for the dissemination of Quebec-based artists and their work. Every second year, the International Exchange for the Performing Arts (CINARS) attracts a wide range of international presenters. Finally, there is the Réseau indépendant des diffuseurs d’événements artistiques unis (RIDEAU), a similar organization based in Québec City.

These events are costly to participate in, and are mainly useful for established artists and companies that are ready to tour an evening-length program. Emerging choreographers should nevertheless take note of these events for their inherent learning opportunities, as well as the chance to show work during the “off” events that often happen in parallel to these fairs.

For artists at the beginning of their career, more accessible networking events are regularly offered by organizations such as Circuit-Est, La Serre – arts vivants and Studio 303. Studio 303 proposes in particular À Table, a reoccurring event dedicated to encounters between artists and presenters or programmers.

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