La Chapelle

La Chapelle is a multidisciplinary presenter of contemporary performance work. They support artistic creation through collaborations, diffusions and selected independent productions (rentals), which benefit from promotional support via their annual programme.

Résidences : Offers residencies to artists scheduled in the regular programming (these are mainly technical residencies when it precedes broadcasting or creative residences during the summer).

Services : La Chapelle offers technical supervision as part of the residency as well as support for set-up and tear-down for companies programmed in diffusion. As part of a rental residence, the team must provide its own technical staff.

Auto-production :

  • Prices : $3600 per week for a rental residency. Residences can also sometimes be offered to artists, prior to the broadcast of their show at La Chapelle.
  • Stage dimensions: 36’3’’ width x 31’ depth x 17’11’’ grid height
  • Seating capacity: 116 seats (raked)
  • Floor surface: wood covered in masonite, dance floor.
  • Other: dressing room, shower,  reservation phone, box office, bar-café

Contact: 3700 St-Dominique, Montréal, H2X 2X7, (514) 987-1639,,

Segal Centre for performing arts

This theatre located in the Snowdon district is attached to the Jewish community centre and programmes its own season. The Centre houses a theatre and a more affordable equipped studio.

Diffusion: Offer theatre, music, cinema and other Ségal specific shows, as well as Yidish Dora theatre presenting and invited companies.
Rental and auto-production:

  • Price: $700 per night
  • Stage dimension: 30 pi largeur x 30 pi profondeur
  • Capacity:186 seats (movable)
  • Floor: sprung wooden floor

Contact: 5170 Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montréal, H3W 1M7, (514) 739-2301,

Cinquième salle of the Place des Arts

The fifth and smallest stage in the Place des Arts complex presents contemporary dance, multimedia and theatre creators. Although probably unaffordable to most emerging artists, it is an interesting option for larger-scale productions.
Stage dimensions: 20’width x 40’depthx 16’ grid height (modular)
Seating capacity: 250 to 413 seats (configuration can change with mobile platforms)
Floor surface: sprung dance floor
Other: 2 dressing rooms, toilets, showers, bar, aids for the hearing-impaired, assistance for persons with reduced mobility.
Cost: $830 basic rate, plus $490 per day of set-up, rehearsal or day off.
Contact: 260 de Maisonneuve O., 514-285-4200,,

Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique

Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique supports contemporary dance artists by offering spaces and services adapted to research, creation, advanced training and professional development. It proposes a diversified programming of master classes and workshops, as well as a Support for Artists Program dedicated to dance professionals (residencies, mentorships and support for training program).


Residencies: Circuit-Est offers, per year, one to two technical residencies (two weeks, 50 hours of studio per week, a support to production, access to the technical equipment of the Jeanne-Renaud studio, 30 hours of technical service [set-up, touch ups, strike] in addition to the support offered by Circuit-Est’s Technical Director and its Assistant), four to six studio residencies (between 20 hours and 40 hours) intended for emerging choreographers (generational or disciplinary), and one to two mentorships (40 hours), intended for research or creation projects, and giving the opportunity to emerging artists to work with experienced artists. [Call for Submissions: March for the next season]

Services: Advanced training activities, rehearsal studios rental at affordable prices, international exchanges, studio/technical residencies, cultural mediation activities, Hors Circuit (last minute studio rental at reduced prices), Vendredis portes ouvertes (advice regarding project elaboration), and Chorégraphes anonymes (collaborative sessions on issues related to creation/production)

Diffusion: Presentation of ongoing work by artists in residence, closing presentation of cultural mediation activities and showcase by company members during events such as OFF CINARS, OFFTA, etc.

Contact: Édifice Jean-Pierre-Perreault, 2022 Sherbrooke East St. and espace Saint-André: 1881 Saint-André St., Montréal, (514) 525-1569,,

Eastern Bloc

Since 2007, Eastern Bloc has been at the forefront of digital art dissemination, promotion and production in Quebec. The vision at Eastern Bloc is to explore and push the creative boundaries situated at the intersection of art, technology, and science, as well as all other emerging digital practices. The gallery can be rented for private creation or public events.


Residencies: offers two residencies per year (from November to April). Eastern Bloc’s residency program is an opportunity for artists and audiences to critically engage in the artistic process, with a focus on DIY and open source culture as well as the political discourse surrounding contemporary digital culture, with a special consideration for pedagogy and technological democratization. [Via call for submissions].

Services: offers 10 workshops per year, access to a lab with equipment and machine, conferences, meet-ups around sound arts.

Presenting: offers events (Tombola, Nuit blanche, Ibrida Pluri, Dj-Q, Akousma, etc.), performances, exhibitions, interventions all year long. In addition, Sight & Sound Festival seeks out the best and most provocative and outstanding work of digital art currently being made by international and local emerging artists.

Rental and auto-production:

  • Prices: $360+per night
  • Stage Dimensions  : 3,500 s.f. (main space)
  • Capacity: 120 seated persons (200 standing)
  • Floor: unfinished hardwood floors.
  • Other: audiovisual equipement, kitchen and bar
  • Accessibility: stairs, freight elevator by a loading dock

Contact: 7240 Clark,Montréal, H2R 2Y3, (514) 284-2106,,

Mange mes pieds

Mange mes pieds is a non-profit studio that encourages art and well-being.

  • Prices: $280 per night (with taxes)
  • Stage dimensions: 22’ width x 42’ depth, no posts
  • Seating capacity: 80 people (60 chairs,15 benches and a few mats)
  • Floor surface: hardwood
  • Other: general studio lighting, sound system, VHS player and monitor, changing room, piano, mirrors and curtains.
  • Contact : 10 Pins W., Office #214, Montréal, H2W 1P9, (514) 963-1850,,

    MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

    MAI’s mission is to present and promote contemporary visual and performing art works, intercultural in nature. A center for development, MAI also offers residencies and mentorships. MAI has an intimate black box theatre, a large gallery, a café and two rehearsal studios. Rentals are possible.


    Residencies: Offers residencies in studio rehearsal spaces and/or in performance spaces (theatre or gallery). Priority is given to programmed artists. Technical residencies are not remunerated, but funding can sometime be obtained through project grants. Applications must be received for residencies by November 30th (for either the theatre or gallery). Residencies are available from August to June of each year.
    Services : Presenter, facilitator, mentorship program.
    Diffusion : Call for proposals,  November 30th of each year
    Auto-production: MAI offers its gallery, theatre (black box), café and two rehearsal studios.

    • Rates: 425$/day + technical needs
    • Theater Grid height: 12 ft 6 in
    • Capacity: Multiple options (75 to 139 seats)
    • Floor: Wood/masonite, danse mat
    • Other: Dressing rooms, shower, box office, coat check, staff members, café and bar.
    • Accessibility: Yes

    Contact: 3680 Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, H2X 2K5, (514) 982-1812,

    Monument National

    Inaugurated in 1893, this heritage building now belongs to the National Theatre Scool, and includes three houses of different capacities (included technical equipment) and several related rooms.

    Auto-production : Each venue can be rent.  The renting fees are available on request.

    • Ludger-Duvernay Theatre: proscenium theatre, seating capacity of 804 people (parterre: 347; mezzanine: 158; balcon: 299)
    • Studio Hydro-Québec: studio with variable configuration (black box), seating capacity of 125 to 180 people.
    • La Balustrade: Pocket theatre in a cabaret set-up, seating capacity of 55 people.
    • Le café: a theatre with variable configuration from 100 seats to 180 standing people.

    Contact: 1182 St-Laurent, Montréal, H2X 2S5, (514) 871-9883,,

    Sala Rossa

    This is a cabaret-style venue usually used for alternative music events. It has an elevated proscenium stage and a bar. Booking should be done at least 2 months in advance for weekends.
    Stage dimensions: 21’7’’ width x 13’7’’ depth
    Capacity: 220 maximum capacity, 150 chairs, 22 tables
    Cost: $250-$400 per night
    Contact: 4848 St-Laurent, 514-284-3804,,

    Théâtre Ste-Catherine

    Théâtre Ste-Catherine hosts live theatre, improv, music and comedy shows almost every night of the week.

    Services: Coffeeshop, bar, catering services, improv workshops
    Diffusion: Comedy shows, improv shows, plays, music concerts and more.
    Auto-production: yes
    - Prices: $300 per nightStage dimensions: 13’ width x 8’ depth
    - Seating capacity: 100 seats
    - Floor surface: wood floor
    - Accessibility: Yes (except for bathrooms)

    Contact: 264 Ste-Catherine E., Montreal, H2X 1L4, (514) 284-3939,,

    Agora de la danse

    Agora de la danse was the first permanent venue in Quebec devoted specifically to contemporary dance, and has been at the forefront of new dance creation and presentation for more than 25 years. In addition to offering a public performance venue for dance, Agora also co-produces avant-garde dance projects and provides long-term support for choreographers.


    Residencies: counts artists in residency who are being offered space for research, creation and technique, and associate artists who receive support throughout the process of creating new work (usually 2 or 3 years). They also offer residency to performers as well as technical residency.
    Presenting: Danse creations, shows, performances, hors-séries, and hors les murs.
    Rental and self-production: offer five different spaces to rent

    • Prices: on request
    • Seating capacity: 50 to 400 seats
    • Accessibility: accessible to wheelchairs
    • Dimensions: 1,420 to 2,930 sf

    Contact : Édifice Wilder , 102-1435 Bleury, Montréal, H3A 2H7, (514) 525-7575,,

    Théâtre de l’Esquisse

    Located in the Plateau, l’Esquisse offers two intimate space to rehearse, explore or present the work of emerging artists from many disciplines including theatre, poetry, dance, storytelling and music in a well equiped space located at the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal.

    Auto-production : yes

    Salle L’Imprévu, 4333, rue Marquette
    - Fees: rehearsals 15$/h + txes, classes 18$/h + taxes / intimate show: 35$/h + txes. Reduced fees for 25 h and over
    - Dimensions: 600 sq feets (25 pi X 30 pi)
    - Capacity : 25 to 35 persons
    - Floor: tile linoleum on a wood floor
    - Others: sound and light, chairs

    Salle L’Esquisse, 1650, rue Marie-Anne Est
    - Fees: rehearsals 15$/h + txes, classes 20$/h + txes Reduced fees for  25 h and over
    - Show: $350 + taxes per night, door and tickets. Fees for many evenings Technic director on request (extra fees)
    - Dimensions  : space: 1800 sq feet / Stage: 20 pi x 20 pi
    - Capacity: 65 to 90 persons
    - Floor: space : wood
    - Stage: linoleum on wood
    - Other: Sound and light, chairs and tables. Technical support on request (extra fees)

    Contact : 1650 Marie-Anne E., Montreal, QC H2J 2E1, (514) 527-5797,,

    Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV

    Located in the heart of Place des Arts, the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV supports the research, creation and production of new choreographies. From initial concept to final production design, this fully equipped creation studio functions as an incubator for ideas and a catalyst for new talent.


    Residency: CCOV offers long-term residency to a single choreographer who receives two-year support for the research and production of a large-scale work. This residency includes major production support and up to three year’s worth of touring support. Short-terms residencies are also being offered. They can be simple, as a one week of exclusive access to the creation studio or technical, as a one-two weeks of exclusive access to the creation studio plus up to $2000/week for technical expenses. [Via call for submissions].

    Diffusion : The CCOV is a production house, not a presentation venue. This said, the CCOV’s Artistic Curator programs a variety of cultural mediation activities and other events designed to stimulate creative dialogue. For more information, visit the website and/or contact the CCOV directly.

    Rental and auto-production : The creation studio is not available for presentation activities, but may be hired for rehearsals.

    • Price: Contact the CCOV for details
    • Dimensions: 16m75 x 16m15 (55’ x 53’) Grid height: 6m05 (19’10”)
    • Floor: Sprung, black battleship lino (Harlequin and Rosco carpets available)
    • Other: Complete lighting & sound systems, curtains, cyclorama

    Contact: Place des Arts, 175, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, H2X 1Z8,,

    MainLine Theatre

    MainLine Theatre is the official venue and offices of the Fringe Festival. It’s a technically equipped theatre, renovated in 2009 and the seating configuration can be easily modified to suit different work.

    - Stage dimensions: 24’ width x 24’ depth (standard configuration)
    - Seating capacity: 102 seats on three sides of stage area (standard configuration)
    - Floor surface: vinyl covered cement.

    Contact : 3997 St-Laurent, Montréal, H2W 1Y4, (514) 849-3378,,


    Le Gesù is a multidisciplinary centre for whom art is a privileged space of dialogue, of spiritualization. They present, offer residencies and rent two technically-equipped spaces: the Amphithéâtre (Italian-style theatre) and the Salle Aline Letendre (the church).
    Amphithéâtre: 37’ width x 27’ depth x 16’ height, 425 places, hardwood floor and dance floor, $850-$950 per night.
    Salle Aline Letendre: 20’ width x 32’ depth, 120 places, linoleum and dance floor, $350 per night.
    Contact: 1200 Bleury, 514-861-4378,,

    Fleur d’asphalte

    The mission of the studio is to encourage and facilitate training, creation and presentation for dance professionals. The studio is beginning to offer residences and a series of six performances (shared programs) per year.
    Space dimensions: 640 square feet plus reception area
    Seating capacity: 40 people (6 tables, 40 chairs)
    Floor surface: hardwood floors
    Other: reception area, piano, ballet bars, complete sound system.
    Cost: call for rates
    Contact: 6847 St-Hubert, 514-529-6635,,