Segal Centre for performing arts

This theatre located in the Snowdon district is attached to the Jewish community centre and programmes its own season. The Centre houses a theatre and a more affordable equipped studio.

Diffusion: Offer theatre, music, cinema and other Ségal specific shows, as well as Yidish Dora theatre presenting and invited companies.
Rental and auto-production:

  • Price: $700 per night
  • Stage dimension: 30 pi largeur x 30 pi profondeur
  • Capacity:186 seats (movable)
  • Floor: sprung wooden floor

Contact: 5170 Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montréal, H3W 1M7, (514) 739-2301,


This artist-run centre is devoted to experimentation, risk and critical inquiry. DARE-DARE presents artists who create site-specific work in a variety of public spaces.


Residencies: The border between residence and production is thin at DARE-DARE, the center adapting to each selected project, which can vary from a few days to a year. We also have a writing residency on outdoor light box at the entrance of the center.

Services: Residency, dissemination, assistance to artists, documentation center (Halte), events, day camps, reading circles, communications

Presenting: DIS / LOCATION is a project of urban articulation that multiplies diffusions of artistic interventions in the public space under the ideas of stealth, invisibility, dissemination and exploration of marginalized contexts. [Call for submissions: January]

Contact: DARE-DARE is located in the triangle formed by Atwater, Green and Doré, (514) 849-3273,,

Montreal’s Escales Improbables

Billed as a meeting place for art without borders, this 5-day event takes place every September on or around Labour Day, presenting free site specific performances and interactive installations . There is no call for submissions, but you are encouraged to make yourself and your practice known to the director, Sylvie Teste, if it fits in with the mandate and the aesthetic of the festival.

Diffusion: Offer presenting contexts which encourage encounters among artists, spaces and audience. The latter is invited to be active, rather than being considered as a consumer.

Contact: 2025  Parthenais, Office #246, Montréal, H2K 3T2, (514) 313-6667,,

Fleur d’asphalte

The mission of the studio is to encourage and facilitate training, creation and presentation for dance professionals. The studio is beginning to offer residences and a series of six performances (shared programs) per year.
Space dimensions: 640 square feet plus reception area
Seating capacity: 40 people (6 tables, 40 chairs)
Floor surface: hardwood floors
Other: reception area, piano, ballet bars, complete sound system.
Cost: call for rates
Contact: 6847 St-Hubert, 514-529-6635,,

Société des arts technologiques (SAT)

The SAT is a large transdiciplinary centre devoted to the development and the conservation of digital culture. It is particularly interested in projects that question and use high-speed networks, immersive environments, open-source software and original technological research for multimedia shows. The centre programs events and offers residencies for up to a month with research support.
Submission deadline: No deadline, but two periods are privileged; summer (June, July, August) and winter (December, January, February)
Contact: 1195 St-Laurent, 514-844-2033,,


Le Gesù is a multidisciplinary centre for whom art is a privileged space of dialogue, of spiritualization. They present, offer residencies and rent two technically-equipped spaces: the Amphithéâtre (Italian-style theatre) and the Salle Aline Letendre (the church).
Amphithéâtre: 37’ width x 27’ depth x 16’ height, 425 places, hardwood floor and dance floor, $850-$950 per night.
Salle Aline Letendre: 20’ width x 32’ depth, 120 places, linoleum and dance floor, $350 per night.
Contact: 1200 Bleury, 514-861-4378,,

MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)

MAI’s mission is to present and promote contemporary visual and performing art works, intercultural in nature. A center for development, MAI also offers residencies and mentorships. MAI has an intimate black box theatre, a large gallery, a café and two rehearsal studios. Rentals are possible.


Residencies: Offers residencies in studio rehearsal spaces and/or in performance spaces (theatre or gallery). Priority is given to programmed artists. Technical residencies are not remunerated, but funding can sometime be obtained through project grants. Applications must be received for residencies by November 30th (for either the theatre or gallery). Residencies are available from August to June of each year.
Services : Presenter, facilitator, mentorship program.
Diffusion : Call for proposals,  November 30th of each year
Auto-production: MAI offers its gallery, theatre (black box), café and two rehearsal studios.

  • Rates: 425$/day + technical needs
  • Theater Grid height: 12 ft 6 in
  • Capacity: Multiple options (75 to 139 seats)
  • Floor: Wood/masonite, danse mat
  • Other: Dressing rooms, shower, box office, coat check, staff members, café and bar.
  • Accessibility: Yes

Contact: 3680 Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, H2X 2K5, (514) 982-1812,

St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival

The Fringe Festival occurs every June with participants presenting their work multiple times over the course of the festival. Technical time and storage space are at a bare minimum. The festival offers promotional and front-of-house of support.


Diffusion :

  • Prices: the registration fee is $450 to $750, you keep the box office income
  • Piece length: anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • Application procedure: fill out a form; selection is either on a first come, first served basis or by lottery.

Contact : St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival a/s Théâtre MainLine C.P. 42013, Montréal, H2W 2T3, (514) 849-3378,

Agora de la danse

Agora de la danse was the first permanent venue in Quebec devoted specifically to contemporary dance, and has been at the forefront of new dance creation and presentation for more than 25 years. In addition to offering a public performance venue for dance, Agora also co-produces avant-garde dance projects and provides long-term support for choreographers.


Residencies: counts artists in residency who are being offered space for research, creation and technique, and associate artists who receive support throughout the process of creating new work (usually 2 or 3 years). They also offer residency to performers as well as technical residency.
Presenting: Danse creations, shows, performances, hors-séries, and hors les murs.
Rental and self-production: offer five different spaces to rent

  • Prices: on request
  • Seating capacity: 50 to 400 seats
  • Accessibility: accessible to wheelchairs
  • Dimensions: 1,420 to 2,930 sf

Contact : Édifice Wilder , 102-1435 Bleury, Montréal, H3A 2H7, (514) 525-7575,,

wants&needs dance (Piss in the Pool, Short & Sweet)

Andrew Tay and Sasha Keinplatz’s mission is to provide original platforms for dance artists to show their work outside of the confines of the traditional theatre context. To challenge the choreographic process by providing guidelines for creation that compel choreographers to examine their artistic practice. To diversify and broaden the audience for contemporary dance by creating shows which are engaging and unpretentious. To create links between Montreal choreographers and bridge the gaps of language, experience, and dance aesthetics.

Diffusion: With a goal of diversifying the audience for contemporary dance, the company has become known for their unique productions that take place in non-traditional dance spaces.  Short & Sweet is an underground dance series happening a few times per year. Experienced and emerging choreographers create a concise idea in piece of three minutes or less, in just two weeks.

Contact :,

Festival Quartiers Danses

The Quartiers Danses Festival has made it its mission to democratize contemporary dance and all its forms and hybrids by making it more accessible to all audiences in traditional and unusual venues. The FQD mostly offers shows from local artists, but also from national and international creators. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach of original dance that comprises show presentation, performances, installations, films, exhibits, meetings and discussions, and, lastly, cultural mediation workshops.


Services : Around 60 cultural mediation workshops are given each year to more than 40 social, cultural and health organisms.

Diffusion : The festival is in September each year. [Call for submissions: February for performances and March for videos].

Contact: 75 Square Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier, Montréal, H4C 3A1, (514) 751-2207,,


Tangente’s mandate is to generate public interest in new dance by presenting new artistic tendencies and international youth choreography. Their regular season is comprised of various series, with each program running for four nights. Danse Buissonnière, always the first show of the fall season, is a showcase of seven emerging artists on a shared program, selected by a committee of previous participants. Tangente’s documentation centre houses extensive information about choreographers, presenters, and schools, enabling Tangente to offer a consulting service to artists, critics, researchers, and the general public.

Submission deadline: Proposals for the regular season are accepted twice a year, and in January or February for Danses Buissonnière.

Contact: 1435, rue de Bleury #101, Montréal, QC, H3A 2H7, (514) 525-5584,,

OFF.T.A. Festival

The OFFTA is an artistic event created by Montreal artists on the edge of the Festival TransAmériques. Since 2007, the OFFTA offers a multidisciplinary program centered on contemporary creation and the encounter of various art forms. The OFFTA bases its identity on an art direction encouraging strong and singular approaches, emerging practices and experimentation. The OFFTA is not only a showcase of the vitality and creativity of the artistic community, but also a platform for exchanges between artists from different disciplines and horizons. As such, the OFFTA aspires to decompartmentalize contemporary artistic practices along with their respective audiences.

Residencies : Among the submissions, a limited number of projects will be selected for a residency, which includes a public presentation and feedback session.

Diffusion : Participants produce their own show with the professional support of the festival’s team. A honorarium and/or ticket sales revenue sharing is offered to the artist, depending on the show. The call for proposals for OFFTA 2018 is currently closed: the call for OFFTA 2019 will be launched in June 2018 (deadline: October 2018)

Contact: 11182 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC, H2X 2S5,,,

La Danse sur les routes du Québec

La Danse sur les routes du Québec supports a network of 14 multidisciplinary presenters of dance in nine regions of Québec. With a goal of increasing the circulation and influence of dance in Québec, they help coordinate tours, thereby lengthening the life-span of a work. Go to their events and invite them to your shows as they have a hand in most provincial tours of contemporary dance!
Contact: 4530 St-Laurent #305, 514-985-4294,,

Cinquième salle of the Place des Arts

The fifth and smallest stage in the Place des Arts complex presents contemporary dance, multimedia and theatre creators. Although probably unaffordable to most emerging artists, it is an interesting option for larger-scale productions.
Stage dimensions: 20’width x 40’depthx 16’ grid height (modular)
Seating capacity: 250 to 413 seats (configuration can change with mobile platforms)
Floor surface: sprung dance floor
Other: 2 dressing rooms, toilets, showers, bar, aids for the hearing-impaired, assistance for persons with reduced mobility.
Cost: $830 basic rate, plus $490 per day of set-up, rehearsal or day off.
Contact: 260 de Maisonneuve O., 514-285-4200,,

La Chapelle

La Chapelle is a multidisciplinary presenter of contemporary performance work. They support artistic creation through collaborations, diffusions and selected independent productions (rentals), which benefit from promotional support via their annual programme.

Résidences : Offers residencies to artists scheduled in the regular programming (these are mainly technical residencies when it precedes broadcasting or creative residences during the summer).

Services : La Chapelle offers technical supervision as part of the residency as well as support for set-up and tear-down for companies programmed in diffusion. As part of a rental residence, the team must provide its own technical staff.

Auto-production :

  • Prices : $3600 per week for a rental residency. Residences can also sometimes be offered to artists, prior to the broadcast of their show at La Chapelle.
  • Stage dimensions: 36’3’’ width x 31’ depth x 17’11’’ grid height
  • Seating capacity: 116 seats (raked)
  • Floor surface: wood covered in masonite, dance floor.
  • Other: dressing room, shower,  reservation phone, box office, bar-café

Contact: 3700 St-Dominique, Montréal, H2X 2X7, (514) 987-1639,,